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Balloon Garland | Organic Balloons in Singapore

Balloon garland is an inexpensive way to add some extra flair and fun to any party. It creates a fun and festive atmosphere that helps lift everyone's spirits and gets them into the party without overwhelming the event space.

A customised garland is a perfect decoration option for a birthday party, baby shower or gender reveal, corporate events and more! The setup is relatively easy and instantly spruces up your party space!

Balloon Garland for Any Occasion

Balloon garlands are versatile and can be customized to fit any occasion. For a kid's birthday party, use bright colors and fun shapes like stars and hearts. For a wedding, use elegant metallic balloons and incorporate greenery or flowers. The possibilities are endless! So get creative and order a balloon garland today!

Balloon Garland in Singapore at Party Theory

The garland at Party Theory in Singapore uses organic balloons. Organic balloons differ from helium ones. The 11" qualatex pearl balloons do not fill with helium gas, so they do not float. Balloons that do not float are essential to keep the garland on set. They are tied to a string and assembled in a certain length and size to secure the setup of the balloon garland. You can also choose colours like pink, white, or gold, whichever suits your event.

Possible Hazards

Possible hazards of balloon garlands include:

1. Suffocation – If the organic balloon is left lying around in an area that young children or pets can access, they may attempt to swallow it and potentially choke or suffocate

2. Strangulation – If balloons are not properly secured, they can become entangled around a person's neck and cause strangulation.

3. Fire hazard – Latex balloons are highly flammable and may catch on fire if they come into contact with an open flame.

4. Eye irritation – Latex balloons can irritate if they pop near someone's face.

5. Choking – If pieces of the balloon garland are small enough, they can be swallowed and present a choking hazard

Balloon Care Tips

Balloon Garlands can be a beautiful addition to any event, but they require extra care. Here are tips on how to ensure your balloon garlands stand the test of time:

  • The balloon garlands can last a few days or longer if kept in a cold environment.

  • The balloon garlands might oxidise/deflate over time due to environmental contact.

  • Please ensure all customised balloons are collected/delivered on event day only.

  • Please ensure customised balloons do not come into contact with direct sunlight, heat, rain, sharp objects, or rough surfaces to prevent them from popping.

  • All foil balloons will be inflated up to 95% to allow for hot air expansion. It may deflate slightly due to the cold environment. Kindly use a straw/balloon inflator to inflate the balloon gently if it is slightly deflated.

  • Kindly check to ensure all received balloons are in good order. Party Theory will not provide a replacement/refund upon receiving balloons in good order.

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