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Celebrate a memorable birthday for your little princess with the 28" Sofia the First Singing Helium Balloon!


Simply tap the balloon to wow your little princess to Sofia The First theme song! Don't forget to sing and dance along!


The 28" Princess Sofia the First Sing-A-Tune Foil Balloon comes inflated with helium and tied to a string and a weight.

28" Sing-A-Tune Sofia the First Princess Foil Helium Balloon

    • The Latex Helium Balloon is able to last 6-8 hours depending on the environment and care for balloons.

    • The foil balloons are able to last up to 7 days depending on the environment and care for balloons. Walking Pet Helium Balloons are able to last 1 day.

    • Please ensure all balloons are collected/delivered on event day only.

    • Please ensure balloons do not come into contact with direct sunlight, heat, rain, sharp objects or rough surfaces to prevent it from popping.

    • All foil balloons will be inflated up to 95% to allow for hot air expansion. It might tend to deflate slightly due to the cold environment. Kindly use a straw/balloon inflator to inflate the balloon gently if it is slightly deflated.

    • Kindly check to ensure all balloons are received in good order. Party Theory will not provide a replacement/refunds upon receiving balloons in good order.

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