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Planning for a cosy home party with immediate family members? Simplicity is the perfect choice for your home party!


Package includes:

  • 30 x Plain Pearl Helium Balloons (Select 1-3 Colours)
  • 20 x Plain Pearl Normal Air Balloons
  • 1 x 16" HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alphabet Balloon with normal air inflation
  • 2 x Mini Heart/Star Foil Balloon with normal air inflation


Clink the link below to add on the numbers for the age!:

- 16" Small Number Foil Balloon 

- 32" Medium Number Foil Balloon

- 40" Large Number Foil Helium Balloon


*Room Styling photos are for illustration purposes only.


*Room styling services is not included. Please let us know if you require our services at an additional cost of $60 for a hassle-free experience. Alternatively, you may opt to do your own decoration!

Simplicity Birthday Package

    • 30 Helium Balloon Colours:

    - Select 1-3 colours for the helium balloons.

    - We will provide equal quantities of colour unless requested otherwise by you. Kindly state in remarks section on each quantity.

    - Balloons will be inflated with helium and tied to a string.


    • 20 Normal Air Balloons:

    - We will select the colours for the normal air balloons based on the helium balloons colour theme. Please state in remarks should you have preferred colours.


    • 16" HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alphabet Balloons

    - Select 1 option.

    - 16" HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alphabets will be inflated with normal air and tied to a string.


    • The Latex Helium Balloon is able to last 6-8 hours depending on the environment and care for balloons.

    • The foil balloons are able to last 1-3 days depending on the environment and care for balloons.

    • Please ensure all balloons are collected/delivered on event day only.

    • Please ensure balloons do not come into contact with direct sunlight, heat, rain, sharp objects or rough surfaces to prevent it from popping.

    • All foil balloons will be inflated up to 95% to allow for hot air expansion. It might tend to deflate slightly due to the cold environment. You may use a straw/balloon inflator to inflate the balloon gently if it is slightly deflated.

    • Kindly check to ensure all balloons are received in good order. Party Theory will not provide a replacement/refunds upon receiving balloons in good order.

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